Educational Apps
1. Multiplication Flash Cards (Hooda Math)
*Students can practice multiplication facts by using flash cards and taking a quiz.  You can choose the factors that your child needs to practice.
2. Multiplication_Free
*Flash cards for the students to practice facts that go from 0-20.  
3. PatternSearch
*Students will have to find patterns.
4. SparkleFish
*A "mad-lib" where students have to plug in parts of speech to create a story.
5. Birds on a Wire:Nouns
*Gives short lessons about nouns.  Then, the students get to click on nouns in sentences to play the game.
6. 4th Grade Reading Comprehension Stories (Visual Learning Aids, LLC)
*3rd grade reading passages that are fiction and non-fiction and Common Core aligned with different types of questions about the passages.
7. Reading Comprehension Free (Peekaboo Studios LLC)
*Reading passages on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade level with questions for each passage.
8. Cursive Writing (Horizon Business, Inc.)
*Students can trace cursive letters in upper and lower case to practice cursive handwriting.
9. Khan Academy
*Concepts in math, science, and other subjects taught by short videos.
10. English Idioms Illustrated
*Students can read about idioms and how that particular idiom came to become part of the English language.  It has an illustration of each idiom.