Monthly Units
Tentative Monthly Units:

August: Cooperative Games (K-5)
              Locomotor Activities (K-1)
      Fitness Testing (3-5)

September: Soccer (K-5)

October:   Throwing and Catching Skills(K-5)
                Bowling Activities(K-5)
November:   Golf (K-5)
                    Outdoor Games- Cornhole, KanJam, Gaga, Bocci (K-5)

December:   Jump Rope (K-5)
                        Short and Long Rope, Jump Bands, Double Dutch
                  Parachute (K-3)

January:   Capture the Ball (1st-5th)
              Kickball and Baseball (K-5)

February:   Hockey(K-5)

March:     Basketball(K-5)
Field Day- March 28-29

April:   Gymnastics(K-5) Balances, Rolls, Jumps, Beam, Vault

May:   Team Handball(K-5)
          GenMove Activities (K-5)