Rising 8th Graders: Summer Reading Project

Rising 8th Grade Summer Reading

Orange Grove Charter Middle School


Listed below are two (2) project choices for students to choose from for their 2019-2020 Summer Reading.

Choose one book from the South Carolina Junior Book Award Nominees list for students in grades 6-8.  All books on the 2019-2020 Summer Reading list are taken from the South Carolina Junior Book Award Nominees List for students in grades 6-8.  This list begins with over 100 books and is narrowed by a group of parents, students, teachers, media specialists, and community members to the Top 20 “best” choices. See note to parents below.

        2019-2020 South Carolina Junior Book Award Nominees

NOTE TO PARENTS:  It’s always important for parents/guardians to assist in the choosing summer reading materials for your student.  It is important to ensure you are comfortable with the content and Lexile Level your student is reading. The Lexile Level listed explains a student’s readability level and the complexity of the text.  A Lexile Level is scientifically and mathematically assigned.  The books may be checked out through your local library, purchased through Amazon or online book sites, or through local book stores such as Barnes & Noble.

CHOOSE ONE OF THE TWO PROJECTS LISTED:  Students, you are to choose only ONE (1) of the projects to complete based upon the book that you chose from the list above. DO NOT BRING YOUR PROJECT the first day/week of school.  You will be assigned a day/time in which to present/discuss your project.

PROJECT CHOICE #1:  Book Jacket

POSTER BOARD:  Cut a piece of WHITE poster board in half so that it measures 14X22 inches.

ON THE FRONT:  Create/design (no computer images accepted) a “new” cover for the book.  It should be colorful and creative and include the book title and author.


  • Write a short, biographical sketch of the book’s author.
  • Write an ORIGINAL review of the book, including both positive and negative thoughts.  Do NOT give away the ending! **

 ** You may either neatly hand write your information on the back of the Book Jacket OR you may word process/print/glue your information. 

*** Ensure the biographical sketch and review are two separate segments.

PROJECT CHOICE #2:  Movie Poster

POSTER BOARD:  Cut a piece of WHITE poster board in half so that it measures 14X22.


  • Design a “poster” for your book as if it were to be made into a movie.
  • Create a design that shows a concept/idea from your book. 
  • It should be colorful and creative.  No computer images accepted!
  • Include the name of whom you would have as the DIRECTOR. Research actual movie directors.
  • Include the names of famous actors/actresses you would have “playing” the parts of your characters.


  • Translation:  Explain how well your book would translate from novel to film.
  • Review:  Write a SHORT review of your book with likes/dislikes.
  • Explanation:  Write an explanation of your choices for actors/actresses that would play the parts of your characters.

*** You may either hand write, neatly, your information. (Copying over in Black “Sharpie” is suggested on the movie poster.)

*** Ensure your translation, review, and explanation are separate entries.  

SUGGESTION:  You might want to “Google” images of famous movie posters such as ET, Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, Jurassic Park, Home Alone or Titanic.