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Giggle Poetry

Into the Book - Reading Comprehension Strategies

Learning Page

Literary Doodle

ABC's of the Writing Process

ABC – Pdf file with links to many websites

Adult Literacy website

Author's Purpose

Author's Purpose 2

Avatar Editor

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BBC Literacy

Beginning Readers - Fantastic sight for beginning readers. interactive phonics lessons

Book Adventure

Books and Stories Online

Lil' Fingers Storybooks

Mighty Book

KOL Jr. Stories

Click on link Tumble Books - Mrs. Porter's Favorite

Story Place - Pre-School Library

Bookpals Stories read with captions - activities for follow-up 

Carl's Corner

Capstone Interactive Reading - Mrs. Harrelson's favorite

Clifford Interactive Story Books

Comprehension skills and word study

Create a seasonal postcard

Decoding, comprehension, Writing, and Language skills

Click on green arrows to move from one grade level to the next

Dolch Stories

Inkless Tales: Stories

English Basics - free – use with SMART Board

Fact and Opinion First Grade

First Grade Links for Stories from Harcourt Brace

Grammmar Links from Mrs. Tyner

Sentence Structure

Penguins on Ice, BBC – Starship English 

Wall of Words, Family Education Network

Learn Things LTD: Capital Letters and Full Stops

SqoolTools, EdVideos, School House Rock: Pronouns 

Pronoun practice

BBC Skillwise: Treasure Hunt Game: Making More Interesting Sentences using Personal Pronouns

Noun and Verb practice

SqoolTools, EdVideos, School House Rock: Grammar Rock Verbs

SqoolTools, EdVideos, School House Rock: Nouns

Grammar Ninja, Nouns and Verbs,

Grammar Gorilla, Funbrain

Harcourt School’s Present Tense Verbs

Contraction practice

Match the Contraction, Oswego

Contractions with Airplanes

Synonyms practice

Squanky the Tooth Taker


Interactive Reading Comprehension Resources Grades 2-5

Internet4Classrooms – my favorite – Click on the purple arrows to change grade level

Kids Lab



Graphic organizers

High frequency words songs

Homophones song -pbs

Interactive sites for Language Arts

Kindergarten Letter-sound association

Merriam Webster Dictionary

Nussbuaum Language Arts Sites - Variety of lessons in different areas


Prefixes and Suffixes

Spelling – root words,suffixes, plurals, homophones and more


Pronouns Treasure Hunt

Reading Comprehension Passages by Themes

Reading comprehension Ms. Simpson's Favorite Sites

Washington's Elementary- Resources for Teachers

Harcourt Trophies

Reading Comprehension Harcourt Brace Supplement

Richland I Interactive Comprehension Lessons

Kyrene School - Literacy Activities and Resources

Reading Comprehension by Grade level

Reading textbook website

Read Write Think offers a collection of online Student Materials to support literacy learning in the K-12 classroom. These interactive tools can be used to supplement a variety of lessons and provide an opportunity for students to use technology while developing their literacy skills.

Real or Make-believe

Resource page for teachers

Sesame Street ebooks

Scholastic Language Arts site

Types of Sentences

Interactive quiz

Four Types of Sentences

Four Kinds of Sentences

Interactive lesson

Sentence Detectives

Tons of various language lessons

Brainpop Movie

Types of Sentences

Types of Sentences Power Point

Other resources


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Top Secret

Grammar: Sentences

Identifying Sentence Types

Declarative, Interrogative and Exclamatory Sentences


Sight Words

Two vowels go walking song – pbs

Vocabulary University

Vowel Boot Camp

Word meanings – use on your SMART Board

Wordly Wise

Writing links in all areas - excellent site

Write and publish online

Writing - Mrs. Tyner's Favorites- Beginning writers practice writing simple sentences and simple paragraphs.

Writing Sentences

My writing corner