About the Teacher

Michael Walsh aka Mr. Mike

PE is for ME

I graduated from the College of Charleston in December of 1981 with a BS in Education.  I 
have a M.ED from the Citadel with an emphasis in Physical Education; and a Ph.D from The
Ohio State University with an emphasis in Adapted Physical Education. Since January 4,
1982, I have been teaching Special Education or Physical Education at the K-5 or K-8 levels. I have an extensive background in swimming, and have been coaching swimming since 1978. Presently,we are teaching swim lessons to multiple groups of first graders at OGECS. I also
coach the Boys' Basketball Team which plays in a 9-10 year old league at St. Joseph Catholic Church.


My goal is to introduce the students to all sorts of games and activities and improve their
locomotor and manipulative skills. With these skills they will feel comfortable and
competent and want to get outside and be active with their family and friends. Hopefully,this will lead to a continuing lifestyle of being active and physically fit.