Fun Tech Sites and Easter Eggs
What are Easter Eggs?

Remember the concept of Virtual Easter Eggs.  I'm not talking about the yummy chocolate Easter Eggs you eat around Easter or the eggs you put stickers on, color or design to hunt.   The Easter Eggs I'm talking about come in the form of a message, joke, picture, sound effect or other surprise that are purposely hidden in computer programs, television shows, movies, games, and books placed strategically by a computer programmer, film creator, game developer or author.  In computer programs Easter Eggs are activated by using a set of commands, keystrokes or mouse clicks. Check some out for yourself. Happy Hunting.

Use Google Chrome for these items to work: 

Zerg Rush: Go to, copy and paste this into the address bar: Zerg Rush. Your search results will be overtaken by wave after wave of red and yellow Google o’s. To get rid of these o’s, you’ll have to point-and-shoot—clicking on each o until it dies.

At the end of the Google game, the o’s will form a “GG” symbol (“good game”), and you’ll get your results.

“I’m Feeling Lucky”Go to

“I’m Feeling Lucky” button has other phrases—now, when you hover over the button, the wording changes to something different, such as “I’m Feeling Trendy” or “I’m Feeling Hungry.”
Fidget SpinnerGo to Google's search and type spinner or fidget spinner.  You will see a playable animated fidget spinner.
Flip a Coin:  Go to Google's search and type flip a coin.  You see a coin you can use to help make a heads or tails decision.

North Carolina Google Data Center:  Go here => North Carolina Google Data Center

Look around inside the center, located in Lenoir, North Carolina, and check out where your data (sometimes) lives.

Look for giant Android figure, a Stormtrooper, and an employee Rickrolling (a concept that spreads from person to person via the Internet) you.

Pac-Man Doodle Easter Egg:
If you press insert coin buttons twice, Ms. Pac-Man appears and you can control her by WASD keys. Arrow keys will still move Mr. Pac-Man.
Atari Breakout: Go to Google's image search and type in "Atari breakout".  A playable version of this retro game appears.  Control the paddle with your mouse.
Watch Google do a Barrel Roll:  (Reminder: Works in Chrome) Watch what happens.

Askew: Go to Google's search and type the word Askew.  Watch what happens. (Reminder: Works in Chrome) 
Blast from the past: Google was founded in 1998.  Go to Google's search and type "Google in 1998".  You will see a replica of the original search page. Click "Take me back to the present" to return to modern times.

With an adult's permission:  @ home go to Google: Type in the loneliest number or anagram.  Check out your results.

Movie Easter Eggs

The Lorax (2012) Easter Egg - Minions
While the grandmother is telling the story about the once-ler to Ted, the grandmother gets the items needed to make him tell the story. When the grandmother gets the nails from the drawers, look in the bottom-left of the drawer. There, you see one of the Minions from the movie "Despicable Me." Both movies were done by the same animation company.

TV Show Easter Eggs
Do you know Dan Schneider?  He is the creator, producer and writer on many of the kids comedies on Nickelodeon like iCarly, Victorious, Henry Danger, and Sam & Cat. He loves to put various Easter eggs among his shows.  Check out any of his shows and you will start to notice that some shows have cross-references to each other and references to Dan himself throughout.

If you have Google Earth installed:
Google Earth Chat with a Martian

Go to Google Earth
Switch to Mars
Do a search for Meliza
Click on the small robotic icon to begin your chat
Google Earth Easter Egg - Firefox Logo
This is another egg I found in Google Earth:
1. First, open Google Earth
2. Copy and paste this in the "Fly to" box: 45° 7'25.87"N 123° 6'48.97"W
3. Wait until the program loads
4. Zoom in until you see a Firefox logo.
5. Enjoy!
Google Earth Easter Eggs
In Google Earth type AREA 51 .When you get there hold Ctrl and press "a" you'll enter into a flight simulator but you have to press "G" before you can fly. 


With an adult's permission, search for and try this other fun game: Anikas Odyssey