Character Cub Program

Character Education

 character cub
Welcome to our Catch a
Character Cub Program!
The Catch a Character Cub Program is a wonderful way for OGECS to catch our students "being good."Teachers and staff are given a pack of orange character cub cards to be used at will when they see a student exemplify the character trait of the month. Teachers and counselors will explain the program to students.

 1) Each month a new character trait will be highlighted.

2) Every teacher and staff member (Teachers, Mr. Singleton, Principals, office staff, nurse etc.) in the school have character cub tickets to give out.

3) There is no limit to how many character cub tickets a staff  member can give out in one day/week.

4) When given, the student will write their name and class and the teacher/staff member will initial the month/trait.

5) The students will put the character cub ticket in the orange character cub box, located by the fish tank.


6) On the last school day of each month, Mr. C or Mr. S will draw one ticket from the box. The student drawn will win a gift card!